Japan: LED Bulbs in Demand


As the earthquake hitting northeastern Japan is expected to raise energy-saving awareness, LED bulbs’ share in Japan’s lighting market increased from 17% in early March 2011 to 26% in late March-early April, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

With an energy shortage in Japan it isn’t surprising to see a shift toward more energy-efficient lighting. LEDs are more energy efficient, durable, and do not contain the carcinogen mercury, which is used in cheaper but less durable CFLs. LEDs also last a long time. The Philips AmbientLED bulb I mentioned earlier lasts 25,000 hours or 1041 days or almost three years if left on all the time. In a typical usage scenario where it is on for 6 hours a day the AmbientLED can last for more than 11 years. The only limiting factor is cost: about US$40.