Kyocera Echo Review by Engadget

Darren Murph at Engadget:

There’s no question that Kyocera has cooked up something fancy to make two panels work in conjunction, and the Tablet Mode Extension app is largely to thank, but outside of seeing Android work across two screens, you aren’t apt to notice any irregularities. And that, friends, is impressive.

This is the type of hardware advancements that you are able to see on a generally open platform like Android. For a displays guy like me having twice the screen real estate on a small smartphone is very exciting. Kyocera’s execution of integrating unique hardware to Android is superb.

Truth be told, the extended 960 x 800 screen resolution isn’t too far off from the 1024 x 600 found on the Galaxy Tab (or the 1024 x 768 on the iPad), so you definitely encroach “tablet” territory when viewing these programs across two panes. To say it’s a refreshing new look would be understating it; after a week of use, peeking TweetCaster on our Nexus One felt like a true step back from a visibility standpoint.

Refreshing indeed. Dual 800×480 LCDs will certainly get close to the pixel format of some tablets, but in a much smaller and lighter chassis. What I’d like to see is the bezel between the two LCDs shrink in a future version. Kudos to Kyocera for building something unique in a world of me-too smartphones. You really have to see the Kyocera Echo in motion so check out the hands-on video at Engadget.