3M Advanced Substrate Technologies (AST) Launched: Samsung Flexible Displays in the Future


3M announces the launch of its newly formed company 3M AST Ltd., based in Cheonan, Korea, which will provide advanced sputtering and plating services, materials and manufacturing capabilities for flexible circuits for the mobile hand-held, touch-screen panel and display markets.

The formation of 3M AST (Advanced Substrate Technologies) is the result of 3M’s recent acquisition of AP&T Co. Ltd., which builds on an existing strategic relationship between the two companies established in March 2010. 3M AST uses proprietary plating and sputtering techniques for the creation of flexible circuits. This gives customers improved performance of their flexible circuits and materials used in flexible electronics by providing excellent uniformity of the metalized surface and one of the highest adhesiveless bond strengths between the substrate and the deposited metal forming the flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL).

Cheonan, South Korea should be a familiar name: home to many Samsung buildings including some of Samsung’s LCD fabs, Samsung SDI, Samsung Corning Precision (SCP), etc. 3M is probably working with Samsung to bringing about flexible displays in the future.