Bridgestone AeroBee: A4 Color E Ink Tablet with Touch

Akihabara News:

The first terminal available and introduced today, an A4 e-Ink Tablet, comes with a 13.1” 4,096 colors touch panel with an 800×600 resolution offering a 1.3sec/page refresh rate and runs on Linux 2.6.24 with an ARM11 533MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM as well as 4GB of internal memory.

What really intriques me is the combination of E Ink, thousands of colors, and touch. I can just imagine taking notes on this AeroBee (what a name) and reading books, magazines and newspapers on it. Forget the Kno, this is the future. The 800×600 pixel format is a bit weak and so is the time it takes to refresh a page, but this combination of technologies look very promising. I really do hope Bridgestone will consider making it available to regular folks like you and me. Just in case: A4 is 210×297 mm (8.27×11.7 in) and A3 is 297×420 mm (11.7×16.5). The standard paper size for printers the world over is A4, except for the US.