HP DreamColor Option

HP via Engadget:

Additionally, the HP DreamColor display option on the HP EliteBook 8760w and 8560w(5) allows for more than 1 billion active color combinations – 64 times the capabilities of a traditional display – and uses a 30-bit notebook LCD panel to provide a level of color control exclusive to the EliteBook w-series for consistent color appearance from concept, to design, to production.

A 10-bit LCD panel is impressive. And when I say 10-bit, I’m referring to each sup-pixel as being 10-bit. HP chose to put all three sub-pixel bits and call it 30-bit. I might have been sleeping at my desk, but this is the first time I’ve seen a 10-bit LCD option on a notebook PC. Unfortunately, I think the excellent color capability has been wasted on a regular TN LCD; there is no mention of IPS, PVA, MVA, or ASV.