Sharp LC-70LE732U: 70-inch LCD TV with Quattron Quad Pixel Technology

Sharp press release via Engadget:

Sharp’s proprietary Quad Pixel Technology adds the color Y (yellow) to the three colors of R (red), G (green), and B (blue) of the traditional television pixel structure. This technology enables the reproduction of colors that have been impossible to portray using conventional LCD displays, such as the brass color of musical instruments. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel also allows more light to pass through to the panel. Sharp’s advanced pixel control technology minimizes light leakage while offering a wider aperture to let more light through. The combination of these factors results in brighter, more vibrant images. Sharp’s Quad Pixel Plus technology enables the processing of images with higher resolution and less jags in diagonal lines.

The Sharp LC-70LE732U is technically a 69.5-inch LCD TV. This monster of a TV makes use of a full LED backlight meaning that it is actually backlit and not edge-lit like most LCD TVs with LED backlights. A full LED BLU allows for sophisticated backlight manipulating technologies that dramatically improves contrast ratio. The Quad Pixel Technology, I’m not so sure about. According to PlatPanelsHD reviewing the Sharp LE925 that also makes use of Quad Pixel Technology:

Still, we see some color deviations and the reason is probably the Quattron technology like we discussed in the LE820 review. Again I examined the gamut in detail and saw that LE925 pushes the same yellow and green a bit too much giving more the bright yellow and green shades a more vivid expression than on conventional TVs. Therefore we had a hard time perfecting it without using the complete CMS system.

The RGBY sub-pixel structure of Sharp’s Quad Pixel Technology will require careful calibration for accurate color. That being said, any LCD TV that you bring home will require thorough color calibration for best performance. The Sharp LC-70LE732U is priced at US$3799.