Cymer TCZ-1500B Gen 5.5 Laser Crystallization System for LTPS, OLED


Cymer, Inc., announced today that TCZ, its display equipment product division, has received a volume order for the TCZ-1500B, TCZ’s new Gen 5.5 crystallization system, from a leading Asian flat panel display (FPD) manufacturer. This represents TCZ’s second volume order in 2011 and fourth tool customer. The TCZ-1500B system is used for the production of advanced liquid crystal display (LCD) and next-generation organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays that are targeted for applications such as high-end smart phones and tablet computers.

Enabled by Cymer industry-leading light source technology, the TCZ-1500B incorporates a high-power laser for increased throughput, and the Gen 5.5 system allows for a three-time increase in substrate size compared to Gen 4 systems, reducing manufacturing costs for display makers.

Although the press release does not state who the customer is, if the TCZ-1500B laser crystallization system is used for the production of OLED displays, then the likely candidate is Samsung. The company currently building a Gen 5.5 OLED line slated to commence production in July. Just a hunch is all. Expect lots of OLED smartphones (and tablets?) later this year.