Toray Silver Nano-Wire Transparent Conductive Film


Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd. today announced that it has succeeded in developing a silver nano-wire based transparent conductive film with the world’s best transparency and conductivity – light transmittance of 90% or above and surface resistivity, which is a measure of conductivity, between 150 and 250 Ω/sq – using wet coating method. The material also boasts superior flexibility, natural coloration, durability and workability, and the Company expects to begin its mass production in the near future.

A flexible, transparent, conductive film like the silver nano-wire film Toray announced enables flexible displays. In light of the recently announced A4-sized Bridgestone AeroBee that sports color E Ink and touch, the video on how E Ink’s Triton Imaging Films work, and now Toray’s transparent conductive film, we are not too far from a commercially viable replacement for real paper. A simple google search led me to a YouTube video with a flexible E Ink prototype, from June 2010. So we really can’t be too far off. This also reminded me of 3M’s Patterned Transparent Conductors shown to me during CES 2011.