Chimei Innolux Ultra-Thin 13.3-inch Notebook LCD Wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award

Chimei Innolux:

In line with global trends for eco-friendly, ultra-thin displays, CMI turned to an innovative system maker partnership, resulting in the ultra-thin 13.3-inch HD notebook display module. Not only is it ultra-light, ultra-thin and reduces overall material use, it also enables customers to save system assembly time. Weighing only 194g and measuring 2.2mm thick without the top cover, it is still only 3.2mm thick even with the top cover. In comparison with traditional 13.3-inch notebook displays, CMI’s ultra-thin module is 40% thinner than the market average of 5.6mm, winning praises from customers.

Thinner, lighter, and requiring less materials: all good things in a LCD. Power consumption wasn’t mentioned, a figure that is just as important since the LCD is the most power-hungry component in many notebook PCs. Not only is thinner, lighter, and less power consumption better for the environment and system builders, it is better for LCD manufacturers like CMI that can command a bigger premium. Let’s just hope the front screen performance in terms of contrast ratio, color, and viewing angles weren’t compromised.