Honeycomb Tablet Launch Delays: Insufficient Support From Google


But sales of Xoom tablet PCs have been lower than expected, said sources at Taiwan’s notebook makers, citing brand image, pricing, insufficient applications and the unstable performance of Android 3.0 as reasons for the doldrums.

With Google unable to offer sufficient support to cooperation partners at present, many players have decided to delay the launch of Android 3.0 tablet PCs, the sources added.

I don’t know about many but the article points to Asustek delaying the launch of its Eee Pad Transformer and HTC considering such a move with its Flyer. What’s troubling is the accusation that Google is not sufficiently supporting partners like Asus and HTC, big names. Slow sales of the Motorola Xoom were expected for two reasons. One was the relatively high price to, and this is the second reason, the iPad 2.