Triple-Digit Growth for e-Books in February

Association of American Publishers:

According to the February results, once again e-Books have enjoyed triple-digit percentage growth, 202.3%, vs February 2010. Downloaded Audiobooks, which have also seen consistent monthly gains, increased 36.7% vs last February.

For February 2011, e-Books ranked as the #1 format among all categories of Trade publishing.

I get that e-books are growing like gangbusters, but I’m wondering what the price distribution is like. My guess is that a lot of e-books that get sold and downloaded are priced at 99 cents. If paper-based books were sold at 99 cents, we’d probably be seeing triple-digit percentage growth, too. The problem with that is no one would be making much money. The e-book format and distribution allows anyone the chance to write, publish, and make a profit.