LG Optimus Black HD

The LG Optimus Black was showcased during CES 2011 and sported one of the brightest displays on a smartphone with 700 nits. How did LG improve brightness?

Ok-Hyun Jeong, Head of MC R&D Center at LG Electronics shared during the 2011 LG Techno Conference that is going on right now in San Jose, Cali., that the NOVA LCD makes use of the company’s Fine Black Matrix technology, which reduces the thickness of the TFT from 9 microns to 7. Less light blockage means improved light transmittance and that’s how LG is getting to a retina-burning 700 nits of brightness.

In a separate slide he also mentioned that a 4.5-inch smartphone with a pixel format of 1280×720 for a resolution of 329 ppi, which is exactly the same as the 3.5-inch Retina Display on the iPhone 4, will be coming later this year.

My guess is that LG will unveil the Optimus Black HD with a 700-nit 4.5-inch 1280×720 NOVA IPS LCD later this year. Should be breathtaking.