Paper PP Alloy


Paper PP Alloy is a new material for consumer electronic manufactures to choose from; this new material is made of the combination of recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene).

Naturally Paper PP Alloy is biodegradable and recyclable, but strong and flexible, too.

An even more exciting feature is Paper PP Alloy can be molded using injection molding method; it can be easily adapted without changing the manufacturing process.

Unfortunately one of the most important test that a new technology needs to pass is whether or not it can be easily integrated into mainstream manufacturing processes. It seems the Paper PP Alloy passes this test. Now there are two things that I’m concerned about: is Paper PP Alloy waterproof? Meaning, can I accidentally spill coffee and expect to not see the chassis melt away? And speaking of melting, can it withstand the high temperatures generated by the chips inside it? One more thing: I wonder if a single block of Paper PP Alloy can be milled by CNC machines for unibody designs.