James Cameron: Passive 3D to Become Dominant Over Active Shutter

Warren’s Consumer Electronics Daily:

Cameron is no fan of active-shutter 3D TVs, he said, and when passive sets become a dominant product over active 3D TVs, that will mark the next big “threshold” in home 3D adoption.

James Cameron said this during NAB 2011. Note that Cameron stated when not if passive sets become dominant. I don’t know about you but I’d be listening carefully to the guy to produced the largest grossing feature film in history but also the very best 3D feature film to date. LG, purveyor of a passive 3D technology called Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) must be happy. And Samsung, promoter of Active Shutter technology must be pissed. Like Cameron said, I’ll be waiting as long as it takes for a global 3D standard, plenty of 3D content, and prices to fall dramatically before I even think about investing my hard-earned money on a 3D TV. I’m not certain that 3D is safe, especially to bring home.