Jesse Jackson, Jr. Blaims iPads for Lost Jobs in the US

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. via The Huffington Post:

On Friday, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) addressed the United States’s current unemployment crisis and claimed the iPad was “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs.”

I am certain no one in the United States would want to work long hours, for very little pay, and live in a factory like Foxconn. If the iPad eliminated jobs like these in the U.S., good for Apple. The unfortunate thing about this is that jobs like these do exist in China.

Have you ever seen videos that show you how to make your black iPhone into a white one? It’s not as simple as you might imagine. The inside of an iPhone 4 has a lot of screws and parts that require hands, lots of them, to put together and take apart. Apple needs to simplify the internals. In contrast it’s amazing how simple the exteriors are. By significantly simplifying the internal design of the iPad or iPhone I think we can bring manufacturing home. But that doesn’t mean that we’d be adding any employment except for maybe a few senior engineers making sure everything is running smoothly since robot-like machinery would take over most manufacturing duties. US-based manufacturing by Apple should improve overall economic activity, which will likely lead to improved employment over the long run. Maybe this is what Jackson, Jr. was trying to say. I don’t care for politics primarily because there seems to be a gap between what they say and what they mean.