Sony Puts the Brakes on The PSP Go


A blog that appears to be run by a Sony Shop employee (or at the very least a super hardcore Sony fanatic) reports that Sony has confirmed to his sales manager that production on the troubled portable system is indeed ceasing. The blogger’s shop won’t be getting any more shipments.

I think this is a good thing for Sony. The company might be finally realizing that there shouldn’t so many variations of the PSP.

Look at what Apple does: it focus on a particular artifact and sticks with it. Take for instance the iPhone: 3.5-inch display, one home button. Apple has stuck with this artifact through four iterations of the iPhone. The reason why this works is because we know what to expect from an iPhone and that helps us decide whether or not we want it. It seems millions really want it.

For Sony it needs to can another product, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and focus on the NGP and build it as the very best portable gaming hardware for hardcore gamers.