LG Display: “Shuriken Display”

I just heard of this thing called a Shuriken Display by LG Display (LGD). DigiTimes posted up an article stating that Acer will be using a 14-inch Shuriken Display on its up-coming notebook PC. Here’s what I know from the article:

The Shuriken Display will have really thin bezels. A 14-inch Shuriken Display can be integrated into a notebook PC sized to fit a regular 13.3-inch LCD. The bezel is only 8 mm thick, which knocks of 4 mm from a typical bezel thickness of 12 mm. So imagine a 14-inch notebook that is as small as a 13.3-inch one, but with a bigger display. Kudos to Acer for getting ahead of the pack with a narrow-bezel LCD, a feature I’ve been expecting for quite some time. LG Display and others have reduced the bezel thickness on TVs and it was only a matter of time.

Not only that the Shuriken Display is just 4-mm thick. I’m not sure how that compares to the thinnest out there but it sounds pretty thin. Assuming that 4-mm is thinner than what you get on thin notebooks on the market today, I’m dreaming of even thinner notebooks with bigger displays in the same-sized box.

There is one downside though: price. And this is as it should be since I’m all for rewarding innovation. The Shuriken Display reportedly costs 50% more than your regular thick-bezeled LCD. The Acer notebook with a 14-inch Shiruken Display will no doubt be an ultra-thin high-end notebook PC. Can’t wait to take a look.