TomTom: Shares GPS Device User Data, Helps Get You a Traffic Ticket

Consumer Reports:

Following reports that TomTom had sold traffic data collected from GPS device users to police who then used it to determine locations for speed traps, the company has issued a statement and video in an effort to appease angry customers.

You buy a TomTom GPS device expecting that it will help you get to where you want to go. It turns out it did that and then some: it also helped others, maybe including you, get a traffic ticket.

I don’t have much GPS data to hide since I’m almost always stuck in front of my computer at home, but nevertheless I don’t like being tracked. Not only did TomTom track users of its GPS device the company penalized them for buying its products. Never was I a TomTom customer and it seems that’s how it’ll be for the foreseeable future.