An Oversupply of Android Tablets Coming Later in 2011.


Non-Apple tablet PC players are at high risk of facing excess tablet PC inventory in the second half of 2011 as first-tier smartphone and notebook vendors as well as second-tier vendors are all ready to enter the tablet PC competition with their devices, according to market watchers.

Oversupply said another way is underwhelming demand. But an oversupply of Android tablets later in 2011 might be a blessing in disguise. A dozen brands will be hawking their Android tablets all vying for your hard-earned dollars. The easiest and most effective way that computer or CE brands have competed in the past is to lower prices, dramatically. Profits be damned! And I expect prices to be incredibly low, so low you can’t not buy it. How can you resist a US$99 Android tablet? It doesn’t matter that you can’t pronounce the brand, the Android tablet is just $99! I’m sure Android tablet unit sales will blow the socks off the iPad franchise this year.