Film vs. Digital: “Waste Not, Shoot a Lot”

National Geographic, September 2001:

Our photographers do a lot of “sketching” with their cameras, Kent says, and, as with all artists, many of their sketches end up in the wastebasket. That’s not a waste of film, Ken notes: “The amount of film shot is no different from the number of notebooks a writer uses. That’s insignificant. It’s what you end up with that counts.”

I was reading through some old National Geographic magazines that received through Freecycle and came across this article about photography, film photography in particular. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure, I appreciate the artistic process of photographing and processing prints in film. But I am certain we ended up with an environment that was impacted by the chemicals used and the empty cans. I also appreciate the development of digital cameras, which allow us much freedom to “sketch” and throw away as many unwanted digital pictures without impacting the environment in a negative way.