Nielsen: US TV Penetration Drops


The 2012 UEs also reflect a reduction in the estimated percent of U.S. homes with a television set (TV penetration), which declined to 96.7 percent from 98.9 percent.

UE stands for Universal Estimate, though limited in scope to the US. I think this is a good trend for the US as a whole. TVs have incredible sucking power: it sucks your money, power, time, and your brain. Less TV is more. And I have three. One, a 34-inch Sony CRT TV, is in the living room. The second, a 32-inch Toshiba LCD TV, is in the family room. The third, a 19-inch Hitachi CRT TV, is in the garage waiting to be taken to a recycle center. The two TVs that we do use are not connected to any TV source; both act merely as monitors to display DVDs and VHS tapes. Although we are thoroughly penetrated by TVs no one watches a single minute of TV through our TVs, and it’ll likely stay that way.