OS X Lion, On a Disc or USB Drive Please

Ian Paul at PC World:

For that reason alone, the idea of upgrading to OS X without a physical disc makes me queasy. If your Internet connection fails or the power goes out in the middle of your installation, it’s best to have the new OS on a DVD or USB stick so that you can reboot and try to install again. If not, I guess it’s back to the Snow Leopard disc for you and then another run at Lion.

I agree with Paul. Recently I sent US$10 to Apple for the privilege of upgrading iPhoto to the latest version. The process was simple enough on Apple’s App Store: click on Buy, type in your iTunes account information, and the bits start downloading. After a while, when the download is complete, you click on the icon. The icon starts to bounce and. Well, nothing.

I checked online, which I should have done before, and found several discussions related to the latest iPhoto update. All of them describing the same problem. iPhoto just doesn’t want to run. So what’s the solution? There weren’t any that worked for me.

So I decided I’d go with Picasa. I downloaded it on Google’s website, installed it, and it ran just fine. Yesterday or the day before I found out there was an update to iPhoto. Hoping this update would solve the problem of iPhoto not running I waited for a massive file, about 500MB I think, to download. I was excited to get back to using iPhoto as I clicked on the icon. The icon started to bounce and. Well, nothing. I guess I’ll have to wait some more.

The App Store is wickedly simple. Click buy, download, click icon, and off you go. But when it doesn’t work there is no simple way to fix it. You think iPhoto is a mess? An OS X install gone wrong would be total chaos. Give me OS X Lion on a disc or USB drive. Otherwise Apple isn’t getting my money. I’ve already wasted $10.