comScore: Google’s Android Leading US Smartphone Market


72.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in March 2011, up 15 percent from the preceding three-month period. Google Android grew 6.0 percentage points to 34.7 percent market share, while RIM ranked second with 27.1 percent. Apple grew 0.5 points to 25.5 percent share, followed by Microsoft (7.5 percent) and Palm (2.8 percent).

I, like many others, thought the CDMA iPhone 4, which started selling on Verizon on February 10, would have made a much larger impact on iPhone sales. The positive impact will probably be prolonged since many smartphone users in the US are tied to two-year agreements, which come with hefty fees if broken.

RIM, though ranked second, saw its percent of smartphone subscribers decline by 4.5 points in just three months. Microsoft and Palm both experienced decreases of 0.9 points.

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