Fortune: A Deep Dive Into Apple, Partially


“Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” Having received a satisfactory answer, he continued, “So why the fuck doesn’t it do that?”

That’s Steve Jobs soon after Apple introduced its MobileMe service. Jobs gets straight to the point. I like that. I wanted to read more, but the rest is on the Fortune iPad app, the Kindle, or the Kindle app.

All Things Digital:

Last week, Fortune published a deep dive into Apple, then made sure that many people who would care about it couldn’t read it: The story was available in the magazine’s print and iPad editions, but not on the Web.

Instead, tech bloggers quickly devoured the piece and spat it back up, in chunks, on their own sites. And even if they were inclined to, they couldn’t point their readers to the source material.

Articles like Fortune’s “deep dive into Apple” aren’t time sensitive. Meaning there is no real rush to go read it. I don’t miss out by reading it later so I can wait when Dan Roth, managing editor of Fortune Digital, decides to put the entire article is online. Maybe Fortune should have experimented with generating revenue from journalism with an article that is a bit more time sensitive. The experiment might have worked better.

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