3M Collimating Multi-layer Optical Film Simplifies LED Backlight Structure


Specifically, the company’s new class of integrated optical films, known as ‘Collimating Multi-layer Optical Film’ (CMOF), can eliminate all free-floating films, as well as the light guide from LED LCD backlights.

What this means is that complicated structure of the LED backlight and associated costs will go down significantly.

CMOF is based on 3M’s multi-layer optical film technology platform that is used to make current display films such as DBEF reflective polarizers and ESR reflector films. By leveraging CMOF, 3M has demonstrated how to reduce the amount of light management material in an LED LCD backlight by an order of magnitude—significantly improving the overall environmental profile, while enabling non-incremental improvements in cost, as well as the simplicity of products, display systems and supply chain.

With a simpler LED backlight manufacturing throughput should increase as well as yields. At the same time the cost of LED backlights should go down by quite a bit. With lower costs LED backlight adoption in LCD monitors and TVs should increase, paving a future that is mercury-free in the display electronics that we purchase.

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