IPS, FFS to Lead Premium Small/Medium Displays


To meet the demand in advanced performance applications such as smart phones and tablet PCs, TFT LCD manufacturers are applying wide-viewing angle technology to small/medium displays. In-plane switching (IPS) and fringe field-switching (FFS) technologies are expected to grow as a result. Display shipments with IPS/FFS are forecast to increase from 214 million units in 2010 to 600 million units in 2014.

It took a long time but thanks to Apple’s continued insistence on using IPS, the integrations of the 3.5-inch IPS-based Retina Display into the iPhone 4 has catapulted the wide-viewing angle technology pioneered by Hitachi and volume manufactured by LG Display.

Fringe Field Switching (FFS) is a similar wide viewing angle technology to IPS developed by Hydis of South Korea that provides excellent viewing angles with stable contrast, color, and brightness.

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