Jeff Bezos: “Stay Tuned,” for Amazon’s KindlePad

Consumer Reports via Cult of Mac

Amazon is preparing a tablet of their own to compete with the iPad, and no lesser a higher-up than CEO Jeff Bezos has all but confirmed it.

In an interview with Consumer Reports, Bezos said to “stay tuned” for forthcoming news about am Amazon-branded “multipurpose tablet device.”

With the free 3G Whispernet? Yeah, I know, I’m just dreaming. What could Amazon do that’s better than the iPad?

Well, there is one thing. The iPad’s 9.7-inch IPS TFT LCD is a beautiful display but there is one big limitation, a big one. Take the iPad outside and, “Poof!”, that beautiful display disappears into the sun. Crank up the brightness to maximum and you’re only barely able to see stuff on the iPad. What can Amazon do to make its KindlePad, or whatever the name is going to be, better?

Use Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD. With a Pixel Qi display in the KindlePad you can completely turn of the backlight when you’re out in the sun. This turns the LCD into reflective mode, which gets better the more light you have bouncing off of it. When you’re inside you can turn the backlight back on and you have a full-color fast-response LCD, just like the iPad. With the Pixel Qi LCD the KindlePad would be better than the iPad when it comes to the display.

Oh, there is one more thing: make the KindlePad more durable and waterproof, too. Make it so that you can drop the thing a few times without having to worry about it cracking. Make it waterproof so that when we spill coffee over it all we have to do is wipe it off or wash it under running water.

A ruggedized Pixel Qi-equipped KindlePad would be my choice over the iPad and my kids would get to play with it, too.

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