Asahi Glass Develops 0.1-mm Ultra-Thin Sheet Glass


AGC announced today it has developed ultra-thin sheet glass manufactured using the float process, measuring just 0.1 mm, roughly the thinness of a sheet of paper. Made from alkali-free glass, which is used as a glass substrate for TFT-LCDs, AGC’s unprecedentedly thin sheet float glass will be used in next-generation displays, lighting, touchscreens and high-tech applications such as medical devices.

Any gadget that sports a display would benefit from thinner glass and that includes mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, but also non-mobile electronics like monitors and TVs. AGC’s 0.1-mm ultra-thin sheet glass using the company’s float process is extremely thin and would allow for even thinner and lighter LCDs. AGC will showcase its 0.1-mm sheet glass during SID 2011.

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