HP Veer 4G Review by Engadget

Sean Hollister:

The miniature design is hit and miss, and we could say the same about other hardware characteristics too — the Veer’s screen, for instance, gets bright enough to occasionally use outdoors, but the colors wash out a tad when angled, and while apps and UI elements designed to run natively at the Pixi-matching 320 x 400 resolution looked crisp, zoomed-out websites, card stacks and a few games (particularly Angry Birds) showed loads of jagged edges. The actual capacitive digitizer is responsive to a fault, which makes tossing around cards a breeze, but we found that we could accidentally trigger a variety of actions with stray fingertips, if we didn’t make sure to grip the tiny device well away from the screen.

Colors washing out indicates the LCD is a regular TN. Just because the Veer 4G is geared toward the lower-end doesn’t mean that the entire user experience is dependent on the display. A wide viewing angle LCD like IPS is not only something nice to incorporate into a smartphone, it is a requirement in my opinion. And with so many smartphones that have been introduced, I would think it would not be so difficult to perfect touch sensitivity. The Veer 4G is geared only for those with smaller hands who do not require much display real estate.

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