LG Optimus Black Review by Engadget

Vlad Savov:

Other than being thin and light enough to make other Android phones renew their electric gym membership, the Optimus Black’s inarguable highlight feature is its so-called Nova Display. That’s a fancy way of saying it has an IPS screen of the quality (and resolution, 800 x 480) found on the Optimus 2X / G2x with brightness capabilities extended all the way up to 700 nits. As far as the quality of output goes, we again find ourselves eyeing an IPS panel that seems halfway between LCD mediocrity and true IPS excellence as exhibited by Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Clearly, this has been a cost-cutting measure on the part of LG, the result of which is a display that offers better color reproduction and viewing angles than the vast majority of LCDs but sits a a clear step below the finest available today.

The 4-inch Nova Display has viewing angles that are not as good as the IPS LCDs found in the iPhone and the iPad. I wonder if the difference can be accurately assessed by the naked eye. The key feature of LG Display’s Nova Display is the 700 nits of brightness, which allows you to view content on the 4-inch IPS LCD outside in the sun.

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