MG Siegler on the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

MG Siegler:

But the initial thing you’ll notice about the Samsung Series 5 is what a good first impression it makes. That’s because the thing starts up nearly instantaneously. Google is claiming an 8-second boot, I think it might be ever faster. Compare that to a Mac or PC which often takes several times as long (though the Macs with new SSDs are very fast as well).

Even better is that when you hit the login screen and enter your Google credentials (assuming you have them, of course), everything in synced within seconds. That means your bookmarks, passwords, and even extensions/apps hop over to the new machine seamlessly through the air. This experience was actually one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while. Such integration will probably give a regular user that “magical” type feeling.

The simplicity is what excites me: no bloated, complicated, malware-targeted, sluggish operating system to deal with. It’s just a browser and you.

The truth is that, based on my initial impression, Chromebooks are likely to be good enough to replace a full-on computer for many users.

Those future Chromebook users will be the ones that would have gotten an iPad with some type of external keyboard.

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