Pixel Qi-powered KindlePad


Android and Me also understood that Pixel Qi’s outdoor-friendly 3qi displays were candidates and that the software side had been contracted out to an “embedded systems company” using the most recent version Android by the time the tablets are ready.

I think the 3qi LCD from Pixel Qi would definitely be a game changer for Amazon:

Use Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD. With a Pixel Qi dis play in the KindlePad you can com­pletely turn of the back light when you’re out in the sun. This turns the LCD into reflec tive mode, which gets bet ter the more light you have bounc ing off of it. When you’re inside you can turn the back light back on and you have a full-color fast-response LCD, just like the iPad. With the Pixel Qi LCD the KindlePad would be bet ter than the iPad when it comes to the display.

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