Samsung Infuse 4G Review by Engadget

Tim Stevens:

Another smartphone from Samsung, another gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus display. This one steps things up a couple tenths of an inch to 4.5, but maintains the 800 x 480 resolution of its predecessors. This means pixel density is down ever so slightly, but what stands out here is the amazing brightness and contrast of this display. It looks as good as the company’s other offerings, with deep blacks, searing whites, and infinite viewing angles.

Again the colors are a bit off when the brightness is lowered, and unfortunately Samsung didn’t include the color tweaking tool that’s found on the Galaxy S II. But, as with the Charge, we found if we kept the brightness up the colors were accurate, the whites bright, and the blacks still inky. That contrast is certainly the beauty of gooey organic LED displays, though there is another important advantage: power consumption.

I believe the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus is the largest one made by Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) that is commercially available today. There seems to be a consensus that OLED displays consume less power than LCDs. This is true only when you’re watching videos that are generally dark or if the UI is black, like the BlackBerry. In general LCD consumes less power than OLED displays.

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