SID 2011: Business Conference

I will be attending SID Display Week 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week. I decided to drive down from San Jose, Cali. instead of flying and am glad I did; it took five hours with a bit of traffic. Today is the Business Conference and I’ll be updating this page throughout the day.

LCD Pricing: LCD panel pricing has started to increase this month and should continue growing up until about August or September.

OLED: Chinese manufactures are eyeing OLED and planning to build OLED fabrication plants. Both Tianma and IRICO will start building a Gen 4.5 OLED line in Shanghai in the middle of 2012. Tianma just initiated groundbreaking of its Gen 5.5 LTPS fabrication plant in Xiamen, China. It already has a Gen 4.5 OLED pilot line in Shanghai. In addition at the end of the second quarter Tianma will be acquiring a Japan TFT LCD manufacturer that has wide viewing angle technology.

Hanvon: Captured 70% of the e-reader market in China, which was almost one million, in 2010, in 2010.

The Hanvon Dual-Touch ERT Technology is a flexible, highly accurate, lower-cost touch technology that outperforms comparable capacitive, resistive and acoustic pulse recognition technologies in precision, data report rate and ease of use. For the first time, Hanvon allows manufacturers to enable both electromagnetic resonance technology (ERT) and touch technology on a display. The new technology is currently commercially available to manufacturers in the U.S. and globally.

Here’s a choice quote for the future of the pen or stylus by Liu Jun, General Manager of Hanvon:

Pen will exist in human life forever.

Compare this to John Gruber’s post titled If You See a Stylus, They Blew It.


After years of minimal investment, LTPS equipment spending in 2011 is forecast to reach $2.8B and maintain that level in 2012 […]

That $2.8 billion investment level represents a 431% Y/Y growth.

IGZO stands for InGaZnO, Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, and is a transparent amorphous oxide semiconductor that is a promising display manufacturing technology with reduced costs and improved performance. Sharp announced that it will convert roughly 25% of its Kameyama 2 Gen 8 line to IGZO and commercialize small/medium LCDs geared for tablets.

Corning believes the TV replacement cycle will shorten from nine years to six years with the majority replacing LCD TVs for bigger and better performing ones. The company will also demonstrate flexible glass that could be used as e-paper frontplanes, printed TFT backplanes, thin-film photovoltaics, and OLED lighting.

Bryan Burns, VP Strategic Business Planning and Development, ESPN on 3D:

Only modest health issues.

There are only modest health issues related to viewing 3D. I’m not sure if I like the sound of that.

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