IGNIS Innovation: AMOLED Display with a-Si Backplane


Until now, all AMOLED displays have been made with polysilicon backplanes, a higher-cost material. However amorphous silicon is an attractive material for AMOLED since it’s used to make most of the world’s LCD displays. Compared to polysilicon it’s highly uniform, less expensive, and represents 95% of the world’s manufacturing capacity for displays.

It was previously thought that amorphous silicon backplanes were unsuitable for OLED due to stability problems; however IGNIS technology has solved the stability problems, paving the way for this first product.

The IGNIS Innovation 3.47-inch 480×320 AMOLED display is the world’s first AMOLED display that makes use of an a-Si backplane. IGNIS will be showcasing its AMOLED display during SID 2011.

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