iSuppli: 271 Million AMOLED Display Shipments in 2015

Vinita Jakhanwal:

AMOLEDs are enjoying rising usage in smart phones because of their wider viewing angle, higher refresh rates and thinner formats, compared to conventional liquid crystal displays (LCDs) used in most cell phones. The adoption of AMOLEDs also is being propelled by increasing manufacturing capacity from leading supplier Samsung Mobile Display.

AMOLED global shipments are expected to hit 49.4 million units in 2010 and grow to 271.2 million in 2015. SMD’s new Gen 5.5 AMOLED fab that just commenced operations. Most OLED displays use a LTPS backplane but in the near future amorphous silicon (a-Si), which is cheaper to manufacture, will likely be adopted. IGNIS has succeeded in developing a mobile AMOLED display using an a-Si backplane.

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