Sony Flexible Organic TFT Display

Tech-On!: Sony showcased its flexible display made of organic TFTs (Thin Film Transistors). The 13.3-inch O-TFT flexible display has a curvature radius of 5 mm, a pixel format of 1600×1200 good for a resolution of 150 ppi.

Flexibility in an e-paper-like display is most important because it lends to durability, just like paper. Some think rollable displays are exciting. I’m not one of them, because although I appreciate the beauty of antiques (e.g. ancient scrolls) I don’t see rolled up documents integrating well into our lives. On the other hand, I am excited about foldable displays: imagine a small smartphone-like device with a display that can fold out to the size of a tablet. Foldable displays can solve one of the main challenges we have today in electronics: portability versus usability, largely limited by display technology and size.

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