Rumor: Next iPhone with Curved Cover Glass


There has been a fair amount of buzz on the iPhone 5, and the latest being circulated around the supply chain in Taiwan is that Apple is going to adopt a curved cover glass for its next generation model, according to industry sources.

Jonathan Ive did put emphasis on eliminating a dimension from the latest iPod touch design. The way Ive did it was to curve the back of the iPod touch. The result is an incredibly thin but rigid iPod touch.

The previous iPod nano also had a curved design, but both front and back were curved. I’d bet this iPod nano is one of the most rigid Apple devices since there are actually no sides to it; it really is a single piece of aluminum. The block of aluminum was hollowed and then the display and electronics were slid into it.

Would Ive design an iPhone like the previous generation iPod nano?

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