2D Movies with 3D Lenses

A Hollywood professional via Chicago Sun-Times:

During the last awards season, I went to an Industry screening of ‘The Social Network’ at Sony Studios, in their James Stewart facility — what they said was their best screening room. The movie looked dark and muddy; truly awful. Then I looked back and saw that the picture was emanating from a twin-lens rig. After the show, I complained to the projectionist about the image. He explained that the process of shifting both the lens and changing the silver screen to a white matter screen, which they were equipped to do, was too time-consuming. So he told me that his supervisor authorized showing the movie to Academy voters through the 3D lens, which looked like shit. And this is at Sony Studios. Just imagine how bad it is in the real world. It is as if the Industry is courting self-destruction.

Too time consuming to set up a screening room to maximize the visual experience of watching a movie. What else is the purpose of a screening room? And just imagine what goes on in regular movie theaters.

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