Eric Schmidt Confident Chrome OS Will Succeed

Eric Schmidt via DigiTimes:

A key factor to the success of Chrome OS is that Chrome browser has attracted 160 million users globally and the number is still growing, Schmidt noted. Although Chrome OS does not have all the functions of Windows, it is much less expensive, faster and easier to operate, and offers better information security, which appeals to business users, Schmidt pointed out. In addition, Google Apps Marketplace is enough to meet business users’ needs.

I think the Google Apps Marketplace that adds apps like Angry Birds to the Chrome browser makes a lot of sense and can be quite competitive against Apple’s iOS. 160 million Chrome users, including yours truly. That’s a lot.

I enjoy the visual candy experience from working on Reeder and Sparrow to name just two. I was nudged toward using the client-based RSS reader and Gmail app because Google’s own browser-based Reader and Gmail were laggy. I wouldn’t have that option if I were using a Chromebook.

Google will need to significantly improve the overall experience of using its web-based apps like Gmail if the company expects to win over enterprises with its Chrome OS-based hardware, software, and cloud solutions.

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