Rumor: Tim Cook Discuss OLED on iPad With Samsung?

Asia News Network:

Apple Inc’s chief operating officer Tim Cook discussed adopting Samsung’s AMOLED display technology for tablet PCs during his recent visit to South Korea, industry sources said.

“Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year,” a source told The Korea Herald on Wednesday (May 25) on condition of anonymity.

I can see Apple using Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology on the next iPad as an interim step to a 2048×1536 Retina Display version.

But, and this is a big but, I’ve heard from an industry insider that it is easy to spot Samsung OLED-equipped smartphone users in South Korea: just look for smartphones with a bluish tint on the display. I asked, “Blue?” He wasn’t sure why.

I am not certain that current solutions for differential aging of OLED materials are effective for displays that are used for more than a couple of years. Personally, I don’t think Apple will adopt OLED for the next iPad, or the next one after that.

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