Intel: Ultrabooks


The Intel exec declared that new class of PC, dubbed “Ultrabooks,” will make up 40-percent of the market by the end of 2012. These machines, powered by the 22nm Ivy Bridge, will be less than 0.8-inches thick and start at under $1,000 — which sounds just like the lines we were fed about CULV chips back in 2009.

So let me get this straight. Are ultrabooks positioned between netbooks and ultraportable notebooks? So ultraBooks will compete against higher-end tablets, like the 32GB or 64GB iPads in both WiFi-only or 3G flavors? The lowest-end 11.6-inch MacBook starts at $999, and it’s a full-blown notebook.

I don’t think Intel’s ultrabook, as a new category of portable computers, will be successful. To me, it looks like ultrabooks will just turn out to be expensive netbooks, a category that has been squeezed by smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, I could see Chromeultrabooks: ultrabooks running Google’s Chrome OS.

Wouldn’t that be interesting. Microsoft ditches Intel exclusivity for its next Windows release while Google courts Intel to topple the Windows hegemony with Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

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