Samsung Mobile Display A2 Line: Gen 5.5 AMOLED Fab Online

Samsung: On May 31, Samsung Mobile Display celebrated the commencement of operations at its Gen 5.5 AMOLED fabrication plant, the world’s largest. SMD started construction of the Gen 5.5 line in June 2010. The Gen 5.5 AMOLED fab processes glass substrates with dimensions of 1300×1500 mm, which is much bigger than the 730×920-mm glass substrates used in its Gen 4.5.

SMD decided to integrate a large portion of display manufacturing equipment from local suppliers. The excimer laser annealing (ELA), heat treatment, cleaning equipment are 100% sourced from South Korean companies. In addition SMD will be hiring 3000 additional workers this year and another 3000 in 2012.

SMD is planning to manufacture AMOLED displays for smartphones, tablets, and mobile gaming. I don’t think it too farfetched to expect a Samsung Galaxy Tab with something like a Super AMOLED Plus display in the near future, like the Galaxy Tab 4G.

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