TDK UEL476: Transparent Passive Matrix OLED Display



TDK Corporation has started mass production of a newly developed see-through passive matrix type QVGA organic EL display (product name: UEL476) from this Spring, a world’s first.

Passive. I haven’t heard much about passive matrix anything these days but maybe the technology has improved so flicker is no longer an issue when quickly updating content on the display.

The newly developed see-through type is mainly intended for use as the main display panel in mobile phones and other mobile devices.

I can see the benefits of a transparent display. For instance the act of overlaying augmented reality-based information right on top of what you’re looking at from the transparent display would be very cool. Another benefit: a direct touch-based viewfinder for photography.

The see-through type organic EL display for mobile applications has a field angle of 2.4 inches, transmittance of 40 percent, and brightness of 150 cd/m2.

Field angle? I’m not certain what that is but the size of 2.4 inches seems to indicate the diagonal display size, which is good enough for most feature phones and clamshell-type smartphones.

The use of the color filter principle means that the service life of the each Red, Green and Blue color of RGB elements is identical, and color shift is absent.

My guess is that white OLEDs are being used in conjunction with a RGB filter. Naturally, differential aging where the blue dies off more quickly than the other two (red, green) won’t be an issue. Excellent viewing angles are expected from an OLED-based display.

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