The App Internet: Google’s Chromebook Can’t Compete with iPhone or iPad

Cult of Mac:

Colony says something like the Chromebook just can’t compete with devices like the iPhone or iPad that can access the App Internet… despite the fact that Google’s Android arm is already sinuously curled around the app.

Google’s Chromebook is just the most obvious and current example of Apple competitors who don’t get it. PC Vendors either need to embrace the App Internet, as Apple has done with its iOS and Mac App Stores, or perish.

That’s Forrester CEO George Colony. I’m not so sure that Google doesn’t get it. Look at the latest, and greatest I might add, app that has hit the desktop: Angry Birds, the app, installable on Google’s Chrome browser.

I am certain Google understands the power of apps. If you look at the app store for the Chrome browser you can see there are many and most act like apps, like the ones you see on Android and iOS, and not web apps.

With Chromebooks, Google is bringing an app-based ecosystem the likes of Android and iOS to the desktop. In some way Google is ahead of Apple’s own app game by taking the first step embracing, engulfing, and app-lifying the desktop.

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