Eric Schmidt Confident Chrome OS Will Succeed

Eric Schmidt via DigiTimes:

A key factor to the success of Chrome OS is that Chrome browser has attracted 160 million users globally and the number is still growing, Schmidt noted. Although Chrome OS does not have all the functions of Windows, it is much less expensive, faster and easier to operate, and offers better information security, which appeals to business users, Schmidt pointed out. In addition, Google Apps Marketplace is enough to meet business users’ needs.

I think the Google Apps Marketplace that adds apps like Angry Birds to the Chrome browser makes a lot of sense and can be quite competitive against Apple’s iOS. 160 million Chrome users, including yours truly. That’s a lot.

I enjoy the visual candy experience from working on Reeder and Sparrow to name just two. I was nudged toward using the client-based RSS reader and Gmail app because Google’s own browser-based Reader and Gmail were laggy. I wouldn’t have that option if I were using a Chromebook.

Google will need to significantly improve the overall experience of using its web-based apps like Gmail if the company expects to win over enterprises with its Chrome OS-based hardware, software, and cloud solutions.

Rumor: Tim Cook Discuss OLED on iPad With Samsung?

Asia News Network:

Apple Inc’s chief operating officer Tim Cook discussed adopting Samsung’s AMOLED display technology for tablet PCs during his recent visit to South Korea, industry sources said.

“Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year,” a source told The Korea Herald on Wednesday (May 25) on condition of anonymity.

I can see Apple using Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology on the next iPad as an interim step to a 2048×1536 Retina Display version.

But, and this is a big but, I’ve heard from an industry insider that it is easy to spot Samsung OLED-equipped smartphone users in South Korea: just look for smartphones with a bluish tint on the display. I asked, “Blue?” He wasn’t sure why.

I am not certain that current solutions for differential aging of OLED materials are effective for displays that are used for more than a couple of years. Personally, I don’t think Apple will adopt OLED for the next iPad, or the next one after that.

Verizon Wireless: Motorola Droid X2, LG Revolution, HTC Trophy, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Engadget: The Motorola Droid X2 ($200, dual-core Tegra 2, 4.3-inch 960×540 LCD, Android), LG Revolution ($250, 4.3-inch 800×480 LCD, LTE, Android), HTC Trophy ($150, 3.8-inch 800×480 LCD, WP7), and Sony Ericcson Xperia Play (4.0-inch 854×480 LCD, Android) all launched on Verizon Wireless today.

The LG Revolution is the only smartphone that is LTE capable. But the Motorola Droid X2 is the only smartphone that has a dual-core processor. The HTC Trophy isn’t much of a trophy: although I like what Microsoft did with the beautiful typography in WP7, the app ecosystem has a ways to go. And the Xperia Play is too Frankensteinian; I’d rather wait for the NGP if I was serious about playing games on the go. If only the Droid X2 rocked LTE, or the LG Revolution had a dual-core processor…

Google Wallet, Google Nexus S, And a Bottle of Coke

My iPhone 4 replaced my calendar, iPod, digital camera, and is the only thing I carry in addition to my wallet and keys. Google wants to do one better by letting you get rid of your wallet, too, eventually. There are limitations though. John Gruber explains:

But even by Google’s standards, this announcement seems very early. It’s “coming soon” to two cities (New York and San Francisco), on one phone (Nexus S 4G) on one carrier (Sprint).

2D Movies with 3D Lenses

A Hollywood professional via Chicago Sun-Times:

During the last awards season, I went to an Industry screening of ‘The Social Network’ at Sony Studios, in their James Stewart facility — what they said was their best screening room. The movie looked dark and muddy; truly awful. Then I looked back and saw that the picture was emanating from a twin-lens rig. After the show, I complained to the projectionist about the image. He explained that the process of shifting both the lens and changing the silver screen to a white matter screen, which they were equipped to do, was too time-consuming. So he told me that his supervisor authorized showing the movie to Academy voters through the 3D lens, which looked like shit. And this is at Sony Studios. Just imagine how bad it is in the real world. It is as if the Industry is courting self-destruction.

Too time consuming to set up a screening room to maximize the visual experience of watching a movie. What else is the purpose of a screening room? And just imagine what goes on in regular movie theaters.

Polaroid GL10 Instant Printer


This little printer connects to your computer or smartphone and produces 3×4″ prints in about 45 seconds. The paper is probably going to be super expensive, but hey.

Two questions: How does it connect to a smartphone? And does it work with an iPhone?

Update: Bluetooth or USB are the connection options. And it seems the iPhone is not on the list of supported smartphones. Priced at US$169.99. A bit expensive.

Rumor: Next iPhone with Curved Cover Glass


There has been a fair amount of buzz on the iPhone 5, and the latest being circulated around the supply chain in Taiwan is that Apple is going to adopt a curved cover glass for its next generation model, according to industry sources.

Jonathan Ive did put emphasis on eliminating a dimension from the latest iPod touch design. The way Ive did it was to curve the back of the iPod touch. The result is an incredibly thin but rigid iPod touch.

The previous iPod nano also had a curved design, but both front and back were curved. I’d bet this iPod nano is one of the most rigid Apple devices since there are actually no sides to it; it really is a single piece of aluminum. The block of aluminum was hollowed and then the display and electronics were slid into it.

Would Ive design an iPhone like the previous generation iPod nano?

Amazon Kindle Android Tablets, Cheaper Than iPad 2, Pixel Qi LCDs?

Cult of Mac: The 7-inch Kindle Android tablet codenamed Coyote will be priced at US$349 and equipped with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU. The larger 10-inch Hollywood version will come with a $449 sticker and powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra T30 “Kal-El” SoC (system-on-chip).

This might be coincidence but Pixel Qi just announced that it will be showcasing two new displays at Computex: a 7-inch 1024×600 and a 10-inch 1280×800 LCD. These two LCDs sport power savings of up to 80% compared to conventional LCDs by completely shutting off the backlight in reflective mode and allowing sunlight readability. I think this is just the ticket to give the iPad 2 some serious competition.