ASUS Padfone: A Good Idea?

Engadget: The ASUS Padfone is “an Android smartphone device that comes with a tablet it can dock into.” The 4.3-inch smartphone docks into the 10.1-inch tablet. So I am forced to choose between a smartphone and a tablet? Can I use both?

Now I see. The Padfone tablet becomes critical when you run out of batteries on your smartphone. And you can still use it like your smartphone, with a Bluetooth earpiece. Ingenius?

Can you use the Padfone without the smartphone?

Maybe I’m looking at the Padfone all wrong. Maybe I should just look at it as a tablet-like external touch monitor with a built-in battery and dock for an ASUS smartphone. Now that I have a clearler picture of the Padfone in my mind it sounds pretty good.

That magic-like trick was pretty nifty.

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