Why Phil Plait Is (Still) Not Worried About His Cell Phone Hurting His Brain

Phil Plait via John Gruber:

My opinion here is that while a link between cell phones and brain cancer cannot be ruled out, without a strong correlation and a numerical statement about the odds, it seems very unlikely to me that such a connection is something to worry about. I’m far more worried about the dingus in traffic in front of me gabbing to his friend on his phone and causing an accident than I am about me getting brain cancer from my own.

My grandfather started smoking when he was around 16. The day before he passed away he probably smoked half a pack to an entire pack of cigarettes, with a couple of shots of soju. He passed away while he was sleeping. He was 83.

Is smoking bad for you? Well, I don’t think my grandfather would agree since he didn’t suffer any smoking-related diseases. But is smoking generally bad? Yes, but it took decades and some highly-publicized trials to bring that truth to light.

Is cell phone use bad for us? Like cigarettes it might take us decades to find out for sure and by that time those of us who are sick from cell phone use will only get to participate in class action suits that will mean very little.

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