Windows 8 Is Fundamentally Flawed As A Response To The iPad

John Gruber:

Apple’s radical notion is that touchscreen personal computers should make severely different tradeoffs than traditional computers — and that you can’t design one system that does it all. Windows 8 is trying to have it all, and I don’t think that can be done. You can’t make something conceptually lightweight if it’s carrying 25 years of Windows baggage.

I think you can design a single system that works as a touchscreen personal computer and a traditional computer. It’s just that the design won’t be as crisp, elegant, and lightweight as something that’s dedicated to a touchscreen personal computer, like iOS.

Microsoft has a good chance of getting away with a less elegant solution though: via brut force hardware. If the new chips from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments are any indication Microsoft has a lot of CPU power to work with for its Windows 8 tablets. And that means Microsoft can get sloppy and a little bloated with Windows 8 and still sell millions upon millions.

With Windows 8 it be might be a case where good enough is good enough for hundreds of millions of existing Windows users wanting an iPad-like tablet experience. But I’m guessing a lot of them have already bought an iPad.

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