HTC Flyer Review: 7-inch Android Tablet with Active Stylus


I’m happy to say that the pen works pretty well, though it’s by no means amazing or different from what’s out there. The pen is a decent size and weight, grips easy, and registers on the screen quickly. Lag is barely noticeable and the resolution of the input is good. You can write small if you’re careful, and dot your “i”s with some precision. There’s a bit of lag when “touching down” for the first time in an app or on the desktop, but generally it’s not bad. I’m more concerned about the feeling of writing with a plastic tip on a glossy surface. It feels unnatural and the clacky noise it makes when you’re writing isn’t heartening.

If you like to doodle, the HTC Flyer seems to be the only Android game in town. But to doodle you’ll need to pony up US$80 for the stylus. Way too expensive if you ask me.

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